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AI and Machine Learning

Architecture Design

Need a designed solution to solve your machine learning needs?

H10 designs data pipeline solutions and machine learning architectures that best solves your problem.


Need to design a proof of concept or a quick prototype?

H10 can quickly assess your needs and develop the most viable product efficiently.


Need a prototype deployed?

H10 provides expertise in efficiently deploying your algorithm on cloud or edge devices by using continuous integration, deployment, and training methodologies (CI/CD/CT) for your machine learning model.


Need a specialist in-house, but don’t need an expert 40 hours a week?

Hire H10 for a set amount of hours weekly or monthly on retainer to help manage your projects and provide industry expertise to your ML engineers.


Need a contractor, not an employee?

H10 provides a contracting service with a team of experienced machine learning software developers. H10 develops ML algorithms and data pipelines for both Cloud and Edge devices.

Our Domains of Expertise

Natural Language Processing

Data Science

Explainable AI

Computer Vision



H10 AI has worked in these areas:


Internet of Things




Horticulture & Agriculture