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Software Development

Have a competitive advantage and develop your entire digital software and data stack with H10 AI to realize near-term business value and accelerate your AI readiness.

AI Development

We make AI development effortless and yield a High ROI for your business.

AI Strategy & Roadmap Development

Out perform your competitors by developing an AI strategy to know the highest potential AI use cases and how to scale them in your industry.

H10 AI develops AI solutions in the following three areas

Business Analytics

Maximize the value of data and information by leveraging AI to predict outcomes and gain deeper insights into behavioural patterns and trends. This could include preparing data, building and training models, putting models into production, and monitoring.

Human Interaction

Facilitate information sharing and human-AI interactions by using Chatbots and other techniques such as semantic analysis, natural language processing, speech recognition and rule-based-pattern matching.


Automate information-intensive tasks and support more efficient business processes. This could include AI applications to assist in or perform automated decision-making and robotic process automations (RPA).

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