Helmut Neher, Msc.

Helmut has worked in a variety of fields and industries related to machine learning. Having a Masters in System Design from the University of Waterloo, he initially has worked in computer vision and has since consulted and contracted in data science and natural language processing.

Some fields he has worked in is medical (image analysis for cavities and skin cancer), sports (data analytics, ball tracking, player performance analysis), agriculture (plant disease detection), and IOT (vertical farming integration). In addition, Helmut has developed camera systems and sensor solutions for machine learning applications.

When not working, Helmut spends time in dabbling in real estate, playing board games, and enjoying the outdoors.

Krishna Prasad Bhat

Krishna has extensive experience in robotic type applications. Krishna’s primary goal is to ‘assist robots with enabling their ability to see and think’. In his past time, Krishna loves playing guitar and videogames, and he is always on the hunt for good anime.


Ravi Shankar

Ravi is a Machine Learning and Computer Vision Engineer at H10.


Jung Hoon Lee

Jung is H10’s frontend and backend guru and transforming research driven software to elegant production code. His passion for backend and frontend has led him to test and try many of the main stacks used in modern development. Other than working for H10, Jung has previously worked on software ranging from microLED devices to game development and sports apps.