Email Analyzer

Many companies who employ points or reward systems often have multiple complaints related to alleged transaction disputes. Often, the companies hire employees to filter through the emails and respond to the complaints which is often tedious. To increase productivity, H10 developed a machine learning algorithm that reads through each email and flag when each email corresponds to a complaint related to the company’s point/reward system.

Tags: NLP, Text Analyzing

Youtube Recommendation System

Often, when a fitness enthusiast works out at home, a common free platform used is Youtube. Unfortunately, the recommended content for fitness enthusiasts is often lacking because the Youtube search algorithm does not effectively recommend videos based on the fitness goals of the fitness enthusiast. To solve this problem, H10 developed a more concise search that enables users to have recommended fitness content based on their preferred workout, length of workout, and overall fitness goals (i.e., lose weight, tone, etc.).

Tags: Sports, Youtube, NLP, Sports Analytics